Fantastic 4: Clobber It Away From Your Memory


It’s no secret that Hollywood is on a superhero spree, from a whole legion of Spider-Men and Dark Knights, to men made of Iron and Steel. To be honest, the superhero movies are starting to get a tad tiring.

Don’t get me wrong, they still rake in the moolah for the big production houses. Marvel, of course, being one of the biggest beneficiaries here. And there’s still a lot of excitement and expectations from future releases – Batman Vs. Superman, Suicide Squad – but it becomes a creative problem when every other movie has men and women dressed in bright colored costumes flying and jumping about trying to rescue the whole world, if not the whole universe.

The story lines pretty much remain the same but what changes is how you show it. And when it comes to showing… The Fantastic Four just didn’t have much substance. To add to that, the Fantastic Four doesn’t exactly have the same level of global commercial fan following as Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, the Avengers and others.


The movie was pretty drab, lacking any memorable scenes, dialogues, characters or even a story line. Not that the previous three Fantastic Four movies were any better. The effects were pretty decent, especially the appearance of Thing played by Jamie Bell and the Human Torch played by Michael B. Jordan. Otherwise there was nothing exceptional, even the fight scenes seemed to be just bright flashes of blue and blazing orange.

The characters are pretty much like the aliens in the Doctor Who episode, Silence. You look away, you forget they ever existed.¬†There’s a lack of interaction between the characters, a missing chemistry that would make them something the audience could connect with. The Avengers is a perfect example of this chemistry. You have Tony Stark’s cocky and smart character in direct conflict with Captain America’s patriotic, good guy personality. You have Bruce Banner who is reluctant and likes to be left alone. The show of strength between Thor and the Hulk. All those things make each character unique and together a team of superheroes that the audience wants to cheer for.

In the Fantastic Four movie, there’s an attempt to show a close friendship between¬†Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic and Ben Grimm/Thing but it’s really tame. The brother/sister relation between Sue and Johnny is equally boring. Everyone seems to be just standing around and doing things mechanically.

The dialogues are like conversations you would probably have with a stranger you just met on the train on your way to work. The polite, how are you doing on this fine day, sir? Looks like it’s going to rain today. The humor is just as non-existent.

As for the villain, Dr. Doom… I forgot to mention him until I reached to the end of this post. So you can only imagine what impact he made in the movie. Zilch.

Conclusion: There’s nothing memorable to take away from this movie. It’s a voiceless and soulless work.


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