Question Mark: A Found Footage Movie From India

question mark

I came across this 2012 short movie from India on one my late night online excavations. It’s an 82-minute found footage movie on YouTube with a Paranormal Activity style flavor.

Below is the description on YouTube:

“Question Mark” is a 2012 Hindi language horror film written and directed by Allyson Patel and Yash Dave and produced by Trippletake Motion Pictures. It was distributed by Percept Picture Company. The film received 9 nominations and 2 awards at the St. Tropez International Film Festival, France.

Akhlaque Khan won the best actor, while Udhaya Rajni bagged the award for best editing. The film also received a standing ovation at the Oaxaca Film Festival in Mexico.  

Initial release: February 17, 2012 (India)
Directors: Yash Dave, Allyson Patel
Running time: 82 minutes
Producer: Shailendra M. Singh
Cast: Maanvi Gagroo, Sonam Mukherjee, Varun Thakur, Yaman Chatwal, Akhlaque Khan, Kiran Bhatia, Chirag Jain
Screenplay: Yash Dave, Allyson Patel

The story is pretty simple. A group of final year students, aspiring to be film makers and actors, arrive at a vacation home in a remote location to shoot an amateur horror movie. But instead find themselves fighting malicious invisible entities.

The movie overall is pretty decent and has its moments. The English subtitles are not very accurate but the movie’s simple premise makes it easy to overcome the language barrier.

Click Here to watch the movie… enjoy!

Disclaimer: I and my blog have no affiliations with this movie or its cast.


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