The Simpsons Search Engine



Watch out Google, Bing and… Yahoo!? (Does anyone still use that anymore?), there’s a new search engine in town.

Granted, it’s got a singular obsession with America’s longest running animated sitcom about a yellow colored dysfunctional family¬†set in a fictional town that “parodies American culture, society, television, and many aspects of the human condition (Wikipedia)”… still, it’s a worthy cause for Internet technology.


Lovers of The Simpsons, you now have a screenshot search engine – Frinkiac.

Created by Paul Kehrer, Sean Schulte and Allie Young, Frinkiac is a search engine for Simpsons screenshots based on quotes. It contains nearly 3 million screenshots indexed by the quote they are associated with. Only the subtitles are indexed Рso you have to search for dialogues that were actually said.

You can search using phrases or dialogues said during a particular episode of The Simpsons and the search engine produces screenshots of all scenes and episodes where it was used. Once you click on a particular screenshot, the search engine shows the season and episode as well as the whole dialogue that was said.

You can create memes of that particular scene and share it on social media, as well as click to view other scenes from the episode along with their associated dialogues.

Check out the search engine here



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