Trailer Release: Spider-Man Homecoming

Yesterday, Marvel released two trailer versions – American and International – of the new Tom Holland-starring Spider-Man movie.

Scheduled to release next year July, Spider-Man Homecoming takes us back to where we left off Peter Parker post-Captain America: Civil War. We see Parker struggle to be taken seriously to become part of the Avengers. Like he says in the trailer, “I’m sick of being treated like a kid.”


But the fact is he is still a kid and Marvel seems to have done a good job portraying him going through the usual youngster angst in school. Tom Holland appears the right age for the character which makes the movie all the more alluring. There’s witty humor laced throughout the trailer, which is expected from a Marvel movie and especially when it comes to Spider-Man.

And then there’s the cinematic debut of the villain Vulture played by the former Batman actor Michael Keaton who looks convincingly menacing in the trailer. “Don’t mess with me, ’cause I will kill you and everybody you love,” brr… goosebumps.


Unlike Doc Ock or Hob Goblin, Vulture is not so prominent a villain, but he is a long-time foe of the web-slinger. Over comic history, there are four versions of the Vulture. The original Vulture was Adrian Toomes and is the most recurring character to play this bad bird. Keaton is reportedly playing Toomes’ version of the Vulture.

However, it’s believed Vulture is not the only villain in the movie. Based on the alien-level laser tech being used in the trailer, and reports from other media outlets, one of the other relatively lesser known villains in the movie is believed to be the Tinkerer who is a genius at engineering and designs tech for villains. The advanced weapons shown in the trailers is speculated to be a combination of Chitauri tech and the Tinkerer’s ingenuity.



Also, the trailer shows a glimpse of how advanced Spider-Man’s new suit, gifted by tech genius Tony Stark, really is. In a scene in the trailer, we can see Spider-Man leap over a helicopter, and as he does so, he spreads out his web wings.


All-in-all, the new trailer releases have spiked up the enthusiasm and interest for the new Spider-Man movie. All eyes will be on how Tom Holland carries forth the web-slinger mantle as the solo lead, obviously with some help from Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man.

Check out the trailers below: 




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